Welcome to Red Lantern House in Beijing
бя More Toilets Added to the Main Muilding and Higher Water Pressure Gained.

Through recent major renovations for both external and internal architecture, all sections of the hostel have been improved in function and living condition, as well as more toilets and higher water pressure showers have been added to the main building to completely ease the waiting time of our guests. As of now there will be maximum 8 people per toilet and maximum 10 people per shower.
The sewer system beneath the Red Lantern House was aging and working not properly sometimes. This is the case with traditional Chinese hutongs. So we have recently replaced the old sewer system entirely with a completely new system with new technology.
Safety has also increased by seperating the fuel tank of the heating engine from kitchen according to the new safety proposal of the fire control department.

We have also began using solar panels that have been installed to provide heating and reduced energy consumption.

бяWireless Internet available in both of our yards


As more and more people travel with their own laptops, our hostel has updated the internet access service by adding wireles internet devicess in our courtyards and now you could have your laptop connnected automatically and enjoy internet access free of charge.