Visa Support letter of confirmed booking with us


Be sure to get the correct visa from the Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your country; be aware that overstaying your visa can lead to a heavy fine or even detention. Check the details of your visa requirements with the Chinese embassy.

Make sure you have the right visa. If your travel plans involve a round-trip to, for example, Hong Kong or Singapore, you will require a double or multiple-entry visa to re-enter the mainland. If the Chinese Embassy in your home country has not issued you a double or multiple entry visa to China and you still wish to visit Hong Kong and re-enter China a second time afterwards, you will need to apply for a new Chinese visa during your stay in Hong Kong. Kindly take into consideration that this might take some time.

Make sure you have a hotel booking confirmation; you should not arrive in China without a hotel reservation or a reliable confirmation of the place you are going to stay. As hotel confirmation is required to apply for Chinese visa we would definitely help if you make actual booking and actual planned stay with us for the endorsement of this help or you may get problem by getting a copy of comfirmation for visa only when you are double checked in China by the immigration office.

When your booking with us is done we will immediately send you the formal confirmation of your booking .

To make the letter effective, we need your full information of your valid passport.

For your convenience, we strongly recommend applying for an individual visa rather then travelling on a group visa; having your own visa avoids complications when, for instance, someone needs to leave the group and return home separately.

Check which vaccinations you need at least six weeks before you go; remember vaccination requirements vary depending on which area(s) of China you are visiting.

Consider whether you need to take extra health precautions. The air quality can be poor in the summer months, so those with existing respiratory problems should take extra care.

Some international hospitals have their own pharmacies with imported medication. However, not all western medicine can be found in China and will in most cases be very expensive. You are strongly advised to bring a sufficient supply of your own medication.

If you take special medication make sure to carry the doctor¡¯s prescription. You will be able to import your own medication into China only if accompanied by a valid doctor¡¯s prescription or Doctor¡¯s note.

Travel health insurance
A comprehensive international health insurance is strongly recommended. It is crucial to check what your policy covers as well as being aware of any exclusions and conditions.

For more information and help, please contact us