• About hostel
    1. You must be at least 18 years old to check in to the guesthouse independently.
      There is a maximum of 2 guests per double room/unit. If you wish to have more than 2 people stay in the same room, you will be charged extra. The same applies for number of guests per 4-bed room, 3-bed room, 6-bed room and 8-bed room. If the number of people staying in the room exceeds normal capacity, then you will be charged extra.Maximum number of children per double room/unit is 2 or extra charge will be applied

    2. The guesthouse considers guests aged 11 years and under, at time of travel, to be children.
      Beijing Red Lantern House availability is always under great demand, therefore the requests of rooms with nice views, early check-in and Non-smoking rooms are not guaranteed by the hostel.

    3. Availability of accommodation for extra guests is not guaranteed by the hostel, due to availability. Please reserve beds for extra guests as soon as possible.
      Hostel check-out time is 12:00pm noon. If you check out after 12:00pm, you will be charged an extra 50% of your current room rate. If you check out after 6:00pm, you will be charged an additional 100% of your current room rate.

    4. Normally, the room rate will go up during public holidays such as International Labor Day (from May 1st to May 7th), China National Day (from Oct 1st to Oct 7th), New Year's Eve and Chinese Spring Festival. The hostel room rate is subject to change without any prior notice.

    5. Beijing Red Lantern House provides the rather competitive hostel rate for internet booking only. If your departure date changes and need to extend your stay in the hostel with a good price, please directly contact with hostel booking center as early as possible to make sure there are rooms available.

    6. Beijing Red Lantern House cannot be responsible for changes and cancellations beyond its control, such as flood, fire, earthquake, wars etc. Trip cancellation insurance is advised to cover such problems.
  • About reservation
    1. We hope that you have arrived at a serious decision when you send your booking request. Our sale department make the room reservation accurately based on the information you send us.

    2. Information regarding your arrival and departure date, your choice and passport name of the guests, as well as the arrival and departure flight are very important when making a reservation.

  • About rates
    1. Unless specified otherwise, rates are quoted in RMB. The room rates for double, multi-bed, or single room occupancy does not include imposed Government Taxes, City Construction Fee, etc, or meals.

    2. Sometimes the guesthouse room rate includes a meal plan. If the hostel quotes the room rate with breakfasts at a package price, the guesthousel will not refund your breakfast's cost whether you use it or not.

    3. The room rates exclude expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, internet, telephone calls, bar, tour expenses, etc., as well as any extra guests staying in the room.

  • About payment


      We accept the following methods of payment:
      A. Cash upon arrival
      B. Wire transfer£º
      Account Holder: GUOCHANG
      Holder Add:No.5 Zhengjue Hutong Xinjiekou Nandajie, Xicheng District, Beijing China, 100035

      Bank of China Account:
      Account Holder :GUOCHANG
      Account NO£º4060 1010 1880 0714 91
      Address£ºBank of China Beijing Branch, No 8, Yabaolu, Beijing , China
      Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ110

      Customers are responsible to pay the transfer charge. To be sure your payment reaching us smoothly, we ask that you email us your bank receipt to lindyguo@hotmail.com. We are expected to receive your bank receipt or billing form within 7 working days as of the date when we confirm you reservation, or else we must cancel the booking without any prior notice.

      ---- Pay at the guesthouse

      The hostel need not recieve full payment before you arrive. You should pay for the rooms at the room price confirmed by us at time of check-in only at the reception in the guesthouse. However, Beijing Red Lantern House is always under great demand in traveling season and the guesthouse must lock your online reservation with your reconfirmation 2 days before your arrival.

      Once your booking is guaranteed, whether by your credit card or full payment, any changes and cancellation on the booking will be bound to the hostel booking terms and conditions.



      About deposit of online booking
      The deposit paid by your credit card when you make online booking with hostelworld.com should be balanced upon chech in. However, any cancellation from guests side or for the reason of guests or more than once changes of arrival date for any reasons will result in losing your deposit. To shorten your booked stay your deposit can only be balanced for number of actual days you have stayed in the guesthouse not for the days you have cancelled. To cancel your booking and deposit refund please contact The website company.




full bedding of sheets and pillow case
Sheets Included
avilable in the lobby all three locations
Fast Internet (ADSL)
all room air-coned and heated
Air-Con in Room and
Central Heating
free wirless internet with your own laptop
Wireless Connection
change every 3 days
Towel included for
ensuite Rooms
costs 15RMB/cd of 650mb
CD Burning
available in all ensuite private rooms and communal shower room
24 hours hot showers
ip card for international and domestic phone call at lowest rate
Telephone (cards) and Fax
check in and out any time
24 hours reception and information
available in the lobby
the front gate is closed after mid-night and press the bell for entrance
No Curfew
in the west yard and east yard
Open-Air Garden
free in the lobby upon deposit 50RMB and free luggage storage
Private Safe
(Locker Available)
Large Lounge
Luggage Storage
travel books and maps you can used and swap
Mini Shop(Travel Souvenir, Snacks, Map, Post Card, Stamps, etc)
food available from 7:30am to 10:30pm
Restaurant & Bar
cold baverage from fridge and coffee by coffee machine
Cold and Hot Drinks
western breakfast All Day Breakfast
both Free Breakfast and
Free Coffee
for booking and
pay extra 15 RMB on top of your room rate each night more than 7 nights
for any of our private rooms