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Untill 10th, March 2016 early morning chech-in after 2 am will be counted as only one night the same day so as to save one night payment for you and late check-out will be 2 pm instead of 12 noon. This discount offer is good for guests who check-in early and check-out late.


More Toilets Added to the Main Building and Higer Water Pressure Gained plus Free Wireless Internet accesable in both the main building East Yard .

  • Red lantern Bar launched 1st January 2009 where you could enjoy all coffee and drinks at great rates with good music at our main building.

about the Great Wall at Mutianyu

None-stop Tour to Great Wall at Mutianyu


Rooms of the Mainbuilding and East Yard

If you are not sure you are paying safely on the internet, to save yourbooking fee and not bother to leave deposit by using your credit cards and worry about it, book with us directly by email or phone call without any risk and no hassle, for more information, click here.

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Note: Compared with booking by telephone, Email booking is more reliable and of much less confusion.So we suggest that you had better send email for booking rooms.If your booking is made by email, you can save your booking fee and save us deposit to the webside for which we offer you free breakfast on the condition that your booking of private room is for five nights and pay in all upon arrival.

hhAs Red Lantern House was built from the archetectures with the history of more than 100 years, the type, style and size of more than 60 of our rooms available may be varied and a bit different, the rooms you are actually going to stay may not be exactly the same as the photos shown on the website but we guarentee that those photos of the rooms are the property of Beijing Red lantern House. However, the general style are similiar and very traditional.

....To know which yard you are going to stay or make any changes to your made booking please contact us by email as the rooms you have booked could be in any one of our three courtyards.

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