-How to book it

Now you can reserve your airport pickup service on-line when arriving to Beijing International Airport and get a transfer to our hostel.

We provide personalized service, tailored to your needs and schedule like no other in Beijing. The transfer service will be waiting for you at the airport arrivals with a sign displaying your name.

It can't get any easier than this. If you are traveling in a group, NO problem, since a special minibus or full size bus can be at your service. Did you say you need more?

The bus or car rental service is at your disposal for your entire stay in Beijing, take you for sightseeing, to museums, even excursions to the famous sights outside the city. A true first class personal transportation solution to handle your transfer or take a day trip..

We just need your flight number, departure city, arriving termminal and full names and then our driver will meet you with your names printed on a sign of paper at the exit of international arrival of Terminal 2 ( just opposite of Star Bucks Coffee)or domestic( opposite of Queen's Coffee) arrival of the airport. If you arrive at Terminal 3 for both domestic and international arrival.we will meet you by Maan Coffee. We will be surely there for you.

To avoid any hassle to get to the hostel directly, Many travelers take this service which is more reliable and guaranteed by our experienced and professional drivers.

If you are delayed for any reason inside the airport,while the drivr is waiting, please try to contact us either by phone or walking to the arrival to say a hello so that we can wait there even for more than 1 hour until your problem is resolved.

Note: Reconfirmation of your reservation is required in case any changes on your side one day before your departure either by email or phone call otherwise your reservation could be cancelled.

-How much does it cost

During the day time it takes more time than at night to go to the airport and back as there is more traffic and even traffic jam.

From our hostel to the airport, it costs 160-380RMB/car with 3-7 people and regular luggage from 7:00am to 7:00pm and at other times from 7:00pm to 7:am the next day it costs 180RMB. the payment should be made at reception min.one day in advance. This price includes high way tolls.

From the airport to our hostel, it costs 200-390RMB/car with 3-7 people and regular luggage from 7:00am to 7:00pm and at other times from 7:00pm to 7:00am the next day it costs 180RMB. the payment should be made upon arrival at the hostel.This price includes high way tolls.

Normally from the time of landing of your flight it is free to park at the airport for 30 minutes and over that time of parking guests should pay parking fee upon the receipt produced.

For group of more than 4 people, please send email for more detailed arrangements..

Booking via Email/Phone & reconfirmation

You could reservae this service minimun 2 days in advance and less than this time you need to contact reception for possible availability before departure.

All reservations of airport pick should be reconfirmed by email or phone call minimun 24 hours before your flight departure. .

In the event that no one is at the airport to meet you (after a pick-up has been arranged and confirmed) you should telephone our hostel reception at 83283935 at any time for the assistance of getting to our hostel..

бяBasic Booking Requirement

Please fill up the form then submit to us by email. We will check the availability then confirm your booking by another email in less then 12 hours

Copy by Prt Sc button the filled form and send it to us by email and we will respond immidiately with details of your booked pick up.

Customer's Full Name
Flight No & Terminal
Departure City
Arrival Date & Time
No of Guests
Contact phone No. if available(great help)
Contact Email
Any special Requirement

Fill the form and copy before send it to us


Tips: As we have many bookings of this service by email, it would be much easier for us to check and process your booking files if you could use the dates of your arrival as the title of your email. It will be a great idea and help if you could leave your phone number with us in case to get in touch and send us messages to us at: (+86) 13901125417 whenever neccesary.

For example: Title: book a airport pick up on 22nd April