About Great Wall at Mutianyu & Simatai/ Jinshanling

Well, you¡¯re here in Beijing; the capital of China and city filled with great history and attractions. Of course, you¡¯ll want to visit the most famous Seven Wonders of the Medieval Mind that China has to offer: The Great Wall. This notice is to provide some knowledge on visiting this fantastic site. So sit back, grab a Tsingdao, and read on.

Since you¡¯ve probably been asking around about the Great Wall, you¡¯ll probably know that there is a selection of different locations to visit. Though there are currently 4 locations of the Great Wall that tourists may visit, we recommend 2 sites over the others for various reasons. Those sites are Mutianyu and Simatai. We do not recommend the ever-so-famous Badaling site, for it is crowded beyond belief (especially in peak seasons) and many of our guests have come back complaining about the hassle that they received from various merchants.

Mutianyu and Simatai are our two top recommended sites. Mutianyu is recommended for visitors looking for a casual way to experience the Great Wall. While on the other hand, Simatai is best reserved for those who are more adventurous and daring, for it is much less maintained, less crowded, and also much further away.

About Simatai

----- This section Of the Great Wall is recently open after several years'construction of commercialization. The new name is Simatai Water City which turn out to be totally another look.


--------This location is comprised of over 2km of well preserved wall. Mutianyu¡¯s construction was began around 550 A.D. It is connected with the Juyongguan Pass in the west and Gubeikou Gateway in the east, and was built along steep ridges and deep valleys. Evidence and history also shows that it was also a military strategic point for Beijing during the 1400¡¯s. Mutianyu is renowned for it¡¯s unique fortifications; a sign of it¡¯s military importance.

Even without it¡¯s interesting history, Mutianyu offers it¡¯s own benefits. It is the most well managed part of the Great Wall. The scenery is also incredibly beautiful with surrounding mountains densely covered with plants and ancient trees. It is especially beautiful in the Autumn season when the trees burst into colour with vibrant shades. As mentioned before, this section is also better preserved than Simatai, offering more safety to our guests. The route to Mutianyu also cuts through some very beautiful locations, so while on the 2.5 hour long bus ride to the site, you may see some of Beijing¡¯s beautiful countryside. If you are visiting the Great Wall, Mutianyu is very convenient for time.

To visit Mutianyu, you can ask the reception for detailed information. For this tour there are different prices available for your choice;

1) 320RMB/person for round-trip transportation including breakfast, lunch and entrance fee to the Wall itself.

2)280RMB/person for the round-trip transportation including breakfast and the entrance fee

3)260RMB/person for the round-trip transportation and entrance fee

Generally we difinitely recommend Great Wall at Mutianyu!

Great Wall at Mutianyu



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