Online booking with your credit cards but no booking fee and deposit

Book by email, No booking fee & safe

Very important

Scope and limitaion of Emails

At high season as we have so many emails to be processed everyday that within the limited time we could ony first respond those emails that directly concerns room information or booking, so simple, clear and concise mails will be replied first and sooner but the long winded mails about other imformation would be handled only when we have enough time.

Reservation can be made via our cooperative website (,,etc. ). According to the terms and condition of these companies, you should pay 10% of the room rate as deposit and some service charge as well. It is safe to make online Instant booking with above companies.

However,if you are not able to use your credit card or you are not sure you are paying safely on the internet,you could directly book with us by email or phone call. Then you can save your service charge and without any risk of your credit cards.If you happen to cancel you booking you will not lose your deposit.

Relevant warning

Booking via Email/Phone
Basic Booking Requirement


To make reservation,please send us email with all information as erquired as below. We will check the availability before confirm your booking by another email in less then 24 hours.

Tips: As we have many bookings by email, it would be much easier for us to process your booking files if you could use the dates of your arrival as the title of your email. It would be a great idea and help if you could leave your phone number with us in case to get in touch and send us messages to us at: (+86) 10 83283935(7:00am to 10:00pm Beijing Time)when neccesary.If there is no response from us over 24 hours, please contact us at another your email address.

For example: Title: Book a double room private ensuite on 22nd April

You are welcome to book a room either through website company or directly with us but if you book a room directly with us for four nights or more we would like to offer you a free breakfast every morning during your stay as it saves money for both you and us.

Please send us email with the information of

your full name, nationality,arrival date, your contact email( phone number if available),No.of nights,No.of guests, type of the room you prefere and the type of room as alternative if your first choice is not available.

We will respond immidiately as soon as your email is received.

Booking email:


From July 15 th to the end of August , your booking of the rooms should be min. 2 nights and reservation made min. 5 days in advance.

For group booking, if you wish to stay in the rooms next to each other, you could book max.3 rooms together.

Private Policy

Your personal privacy is important. As such, We do not sell any information to any telemarketing, direct marketing or commercial mass e-mail companies, their agents or representatives. This includes names, addresses or any other personal information.

Online booking with your credit cards but no booking fee and deposit

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Please reserve min. one day before your arrival.