Warning from Beijing Red Lantern House

WARNING: Be aware of the Beijing tea house scam in which young Chinese people posing as students wishing to practice their English will try to lure foreigners into a tea house for a demonstration of tea ceremony, leaving the foreigner with a bill running to hundreds of US dollars. Be sure to ask for prices for the tea and facilities up front, and keep the menu and prices with you in writing, before agreeing to any kind of tea ceremony.

WARNING: China's government passed a law in May 2007 banning the export of antiques from before 1911. It is now illegal to purchase antiques from before 1911 and take them out of China. Even antiques bought in proper auctions cannot be taken out of China. As violation of this law could lead to heavy fines and a possible jail term, it would be wise to heed it. However if you let a vendor know you are aware of this law he/she may lower their prices since they know you know their "antiques" really aren't Ming Dynasty originals.

WARNING:It is estimated that near 75% of the worlds credit card fraud can be either directly or indirectly traced back to credit card details being compromised (hacked into, stolen, copied) when permanently stored in databases on web servers or within similar internet accessible permanent storage devices.
Although card data security is improving, this risk still very much exists. Subsequently, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each and every year in the continuing struggle to protect permanently stored credit card details from 'hackers' and 'cyber criminals' on the internet.


















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