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the Main Building(click for where we are)
click for large pic NO. 5 ZhengJue Hutong,XinJieKou NanDaJie, Xicheng District,
Beijing, China 100035.

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East Yard

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NO 17, Zhengjuejiadao XinJieKou NanDaJie,Xicheng District,
Beijing, China 100035.

Please call 010 83285771 for help if you are lost

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Remember this sign!

From Airport to the main building and East Yard

From Beijing Capital Airport, take shuttle bus Line 2 to its terminal- Xidan Aviation Building).

.....Get on bus No 22 just in front of the Aviation Building beside the main street and get off at XinJieKouBei stop (should be the 6th Stop), walk the same way back about 150 meters along the street, find the 'Dairy Queen' sign and right away turn left into the small alleyway beside the DQ(ZhengJue Hutong, there is a sign on the street) about 100 meters eastward, you will see' Red Lantern House 'on your left hand , Chinese traditional red wooden doors with two bunches of red lanterns on it.

From Railway Stations

......From Beijing Central Railway Station , take subway (Beijing Zhan) then get off at Jishuitan Station , take Exit C , turn left and walk southward about 15 minutes, Go passing by KFC on your left untill you see the traffic lights ,then keep going ahead through traffic lights about 50 meters, you can see the sign of 'Dairy Queen' on your left hand then right away turn left into the alleyway (ZhengJue Hutong, a sign in front of you at roadside) beside orange colored 'DQ' & Yoshinoya Restaurant about 100 meters away eastward, you will see “Red Lantern House” with 2 strings of samll red lanterns at the red colored gate on the left side of the hutong or you could ask any foreiners passing by there for help.. There is no direct bus to Xinjiekou but you could still take Bus No.52 from East side of the station and change Bus No. 22 at Qianmenxi to Xinjiekoubei and the same way as above to the hostel.

.....From Beijing West Railway Station, take bus No 47 and get off at XinJieKouBei, walk the same way back ( to the south ) about 150 meters, find 'Dairy Queen & Yoshinoya Restaruant , a orange colored building on you left hand and then immediately turn left into the alleyway beside the retaruant (ZhengJue Hutong, a sign ahead on the street of your side), about 100 meters away, you will find 'Red Lantern House' with 2 strings of small red lanterns at the gate on your left hand.

By Taxi

....From airport, take a taxi cost about 120yuan including highway toll to Red Lantern House. If you take a taxi from Xidan Aviation Building to our hostel, the cost will be around 15-20yuan.

We have all sizes of buses and cars to take you to anywhere you wish to go and pick you up anywhere you arrive. For this service, send an email (lindyguo@hotmail.com) or just call. It is always helpful to keep our phone numbers if you are lost.

If you wish to take taxi to the hostel, don't use the service desks in the lobby of the airport or those professionally dressed offer you a ride to the city center because most of them are always ready to rip you off at more than 300 RMB by putting you into their private cars without taxi license.Almost always these drivers takes a long time to find the location with the help of GPS.

From the airport to the hostel it never costs more than 200 RMB. You can just get a taxi in queues outside the arrival hall. Please use licensed taxi for more reliable and fairly priced service and always ask for a receipt from the driver when you pay for it in case you could forget something in the taxi or you are overcharged. If you feel overcharge, you could contact our hostel staff for help before you pay to the driver when you arrive at the gate.


......In order to get to the hostel from the airport without hassle, we provide a reliable airport pick-up service you can choose taking you all the way to the hostel without any problem. The above rate includes high way tolls but not including parking fee. To get to the airport from the hostel, it costs from 200RMB (7am to 7:00pm) to160RMB (other times)including high way toll. To reserve this service, please contact us by email with information of your departure city, flight number and your names in advance and reconfirm 48 hours before your departure.

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Beijing Subway

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Take subway to our hostel