Train Tickets & Ticketing Service

IIf you want reserve a train ticket in China, normally, the reservation from agency is carried out 30-45 days in advance but it will be involved with very costy commision.
Even, in the ordinary seasons, 10-15 days before the date concerned. In China, you can only get the ticket 4 days before the departure date.

But if you leave while crossing the Chinese festivals like the 1st May(one week holidays ), 1st October(one week holidays )and Chinese New Year's day, 10 days before your departure. We advise you to carry out the reservation as earlier as possible.
While approaching these festivals, many of agencies do not accept more train ticket reservation, because there is very heavy demand forthe tickets of all the categories.
Reservation and purchase of the tickets
The reservations of train tickets are purchased from the travel agencies. One can also go directly to the railway station, to hold his place and to buy his ticket. In all the cases, The ticket should be purchased at least one day before the departure date, sometimes several days.
Never throw your ticket ,because it is required from the exit of the railway station.

if you have reserved a place, it is necessary for you to get into the train quickly. If not, it will leave you little room for your luggage. As you may not speak Chinese, you should leave your hostel at least one and half hours before the train departs or you could run in panic looking for the right platform for your train. Normally when you get into the lobby of train station you will a big electron display board indecating your train number and then after you will see the waiting hall number. Getting to the waiting hall you should be looking for your train number displayed and wait in the queue.

Ticket booking is available in our hostel for both domestic and international trains ( to Ulanbaatar, Moscow , Hanoi , Hong Kong ), ferry ( to Incheon, Kobe ) and flights. Our staffs are experienced to the job since we have been doing these services in hostels for more than ten years. Reservation should be made 2-5 days in advance for train ticket and some deposit is required to start the booking process.

You can check ticket information by email with us before you arrive in Beijing . In peak season(From April to October, to guarantee you can get train ticket to some tourism hot line (to Xian, to Hongkong, Hanoi,etc),you can book ticket with us by email before you arrive in Beijing and some deposit is requred by money transfer. We will offer some advice as alternative choices when the ticket you want is not available. For detail information, please contact us.



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